The Highlites (Folk-Rock-Reggae-Highlife-Classico-Pop... Direction John Meldrum)


 WHAT The Highlites, the best English singing choir in Paris for the past 14 years!

This year for the 2018-2019 season, we practice at the ATLA music school in the heart of the Pigalle district!


- on Wednesdays from 8pm to 10pm, we sing a varied repertoire of Folk, Reggae and Highlife songs including Bob Dylan and Bob Marley but also Pop Rock songs from John Meldrum's catalogue and the inspiring "Peace Oratorio" based on the life of Martin Luther King

- On Dates to confirm, we will continue working on John Meldrum's Pop-Classical Musical about Mozart's youth "The Lost Letters".


The Highlites choir has been singing in English in Paris for over fourteen years, and performs in a variety of venues, ranging from street festivals to the stages of the famed Olympia music hall and the Alhambra Theater in Paris.

The principal repertoire of the Highlights is composed by its artistic director, John Meldrum, whose musical styles range from Pop/Rock to Reggae and Highlife and Classical sung in Latin and English.

The class starts with a physical warm up including stretching and breathing exercises, followed by a vocal warm up with scales and simple songs like “Summertime” and “Amazing Grace.” The repertory is then rehearsed, with a focus on fine-tuning the interpretation and reviewing the more complex parts of each song, as well as introducing new songs.

The choir members come to rehearsals well prepared, having used the provided musical scores and recordings to prepare their parts at home. The ability to read music is not absolutely essential, but a good musical ear and the ability to sing in tune are required to maintain the quality of the sound of the group. Members are expected to be punctual and attend weekend workshops and rehearsals periodically, particularly in preparation for upcoming concerts. They are rewarded for their hard work with exciting and moving music experiences and the chance to perform before audiences in Paris, London and other parts of Europe !


Please note that candidates must audition prior to acceptance in the group.

Highlites membership fee: 120€/quarter

For more information, please contact by mail or by phone: 06 25 94 37 79 (Catherine Urquijo, ZAP Music president) 

When you join the Highlites, you :

- work on breathing exercises using your diaphragm, singing vocalises with good vocal placement,

- learn to master your vibrato and to sing in tune,

- develop your ear and understand the art of blending your voice with the others in your section and with the other sections in the choir,

- take pleasure in working together as a group,

- sing in English and perfect prononciation and articulation,

- participate in the production of original music of John Meldrum and other guest Songwriters,

- join in the life of the group with concerts in Normandy and London as well as Paris.

Are you an experienced singer? Do you sing in tune and have good rhythm? Are you motivated and autonomous?

Come and sing with us!



Fondée et dirigée depuis 1999 par John Meldrum, The Highlites est une chorale bilingue franco-anglaise qui réunit une trentaine de choristes et solistes d'horizons différents autour d'un répertoire original et métissé, savant mélange d'harmonies classiques et de rythmes pop-rock-reggae.

Grâce à la participation de musiciens et de chanteurs professionnels lors de concerts exceptionnels tels que ceux donnés à l'Alhambra, au théâtre de Ménilmontant et même à l'Olympia, le choeur a depuis peu pris la forme d'une véritable troupe semi-professionnelle, composée de personnalités toutes plus différentes les unes que les les autres, unies autour du plaisir de chanter ensemble un répértoire original et exigeant.


Rejoindre les Highlites, c'est :

- pratiquer régulièrement un échauffement vocal complet (exercices de gestion du souffle, de tonification du diaphragme et de coordination rythmique)

- acquérir un meilleur placement vocal par le travail de l'ouverture et des résonateurs, sans amplification, améliorer la voix projetée

- grâce au chant collectif en harmonie, travailler son blend vocal ou capacité à mêler sa voix à celles de son pupitre puis, en développant son oreille musicale, son pupitre aux autres

- perfectionner son anglais chanté (prononciation, articulation)

- développer le plaisir du chant et du jeu en groupe 

- mettre en place un répertoire original

- ,participer à la vie du groupe, et à ses représentations, régulières et très variées (en termes de formats, répertoires, lieux...


Vous êtes chanteurs confirmés ayant déjà une pratique musicale, motivés et autonomes ?

Nous recrutons toute l'année, sopranes, alti, ténors et basses.

La maîtrise de la lecture musicale n'est pas requise mais assiduité et régularité seront des qualités essentielles.

Rejoitnez-nous !

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2012 Battle Voices : after the qualification and before the finale at the Olympia Hall !



The ATLA Singers (Director)

Every Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:30 PM we move and groove and stretch our vocal muscles to the limit, working on singing together, raising our voices to a higher level... Join us at ATLA in the Nashville room!

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